Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Blog #1 - hmmm........

Well Blog #1.... where to start? Reviews are good for blogs, I shall attempt to find something to review... 2 secs.


Review #1 - Teabags

Ok, so I went to get a drink and reviewed the frst thing that I came across... lets just hope this gets better as time goes on.

So then teabags have had the same basic shape and use since the repeal of laws passed by William the Conqueror on his death in 1086. Nothing has changed. I don't have any statistics for the ammount of money globally invested in tea-mechanics but I'm thinking that more can be done to modernise the brewing process.

Of course we all remember NASA's unsuccesful efforts to develop new ways of imbiding elevenses for the space programme:

Space  Tea: Unsatisfying

But since then no new research has broken through to the mass market.
But is their a problem using 'tha bag', as kids-on-the-street refer to them, when making white-with-one? Well yes, and it is accurately represented below:

Teabag in the sink: Wife-maddeningly convenient

For the sake of my marriage someone needs to do something!

My proposition is this; toothpaste works. ie: here's a picture of me on Sunday before my weekly 'tickle round' with Colgate:
And five minutes later with only shop bought Morrisons brand toothpaste for assistance:
Magic!! All the billions that are invested in adding new ingredients, more stripe colours for whiter gums and non-bleeding teeth, etc. could be used to develop something worthwhile. I'd like to note I haven't really let myself go quite that badly since marriage

Couple of hours on the Wii-fit'll sort it out love
So I want, by 2011, Tea-cordial to bring the age old drink up to the 21st Century to avoid having and to avoid this at home any-longer:

So yeah, Teabags, not as good as tea-cordial, which is fictitious (at the moment) so.... Teabags 6 1/2 stars out of 10 I guess


  1. I don't understand why you can't just use the bin. It's only half a step away from the sink!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Surely because it saves having to then empty the bin.
    Basic common sense.

  4. Curse you and your darned logic, Matthew!