Thursday, 1 July 2010

Travel Log #1 - Time

I have abounded in inspiration... actually I was bored and looking in the closet... anyway under a big pile of really old board games I found HUNGRY HIPPOS!!!!!!!!!!

Good gravy its a fun game, even played on ones own , just like Crossfire! If you don't know Crossfire follow this link, its a great boardgame:

also if you're into retro video games take a while to wander in the cinemassacre pleasure ground and love the being that is Rolfe.

But enough sycophantism...

THIS IS NOT A RETRO BLOG there will be many themes here, but this is one is all about what I found under Hungry Hippos, this is about the old time machine I used to use....

...Its a dangerous toy and I'll give you some insights on its best use (esssentially because its waaaaaaay to much of a problem and at the end of this blog I will be ebaying it)but anyway please enjoy my insights into time travel and why its too much bother.....

NEXT TIME ON TIME TRAVEL LOG - The practicalities


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